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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4 a.m. starts now. good morning everyone i am
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james fletcher. >> and i.m. annie hong. >> aunt best as we begin this monday morning with the latest in connecticut where president obama met privately with the families of friday's school shooting victims to offer his condolences. >> 26 people died friday after a gunman opened fire inside sandy hook elementary school. >> renee marsh in newtown >> today the first and will be held for to sandy hook students. 60 jack pinto and six your old noah posner. >> on sunday more than 2000 people came out for a memorial service to remember the 26 allies cut short after a 40 save 20
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year-old adam landsa shot his way into sandy hook elementary and open fire. >> >> president obama traveled to new town where he met with them in the victims'. >> the portion of sadness that we can share with you to ease its heavy load we will gladly bear it. >> the president praised the community for pulling together and said more needs to be done to protect our children. >> these tragedies must spend. to end them we must change. >> for some lawmakers the shooting here in new town conn was a tipping point. senator dianne feinstein said she would introduce a bill to ban assault waweapons.
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>> as you heard renee mention gun-control is in the spotlight. on the sunday morning talk show meet the press. since turning feinstein . says she would introduce a legislation to get what she called weapons of war off of the street. >> the rights of the few overcome the safety of the majority. i do not think so. it will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation, and the possession not retroactively but prospectively. it will ban the sign for big clips drums. >> the measure signed by president bill clinton expired. democrats have tried to renew the band without success. >> the repercussions of the
4:12 am
school mascot are being felt in the bay area. school safety is something many took for granted is not in question. >> school districts are addressing with parents and students. >> while tragedies are rare when they do happen our concern for the victim bring worries about our own children and their day-to- day safety. >> we wanted to know all berkeley schools have said the plant and we run through drills frequently. >> san francisco unified school says in the wake of a national tragedy we have redouble our efforts to work together with our student's family in schools to make sure they remain safe. >> the tide is 4:11 on this monday morning there are areas of showers. erica will have a look at our forecast. good morning erica. >> some light showers for
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parts of the bay area is not widespread. on storm tracker 4 you can see. i was a man ride on high way for where it leads interstate 80. use your windshield wipers. we will not see any areas of flooding are pondering. certainly be aware. allow yourself extra time. currently sing light rain over highway 92 the san mateo bridge spotty in the burlingame area. >> we are seeing showers for highway 13 pescadero. >> interstate 80 the bayshore freeway through palo alto drive with extra caution with your commute crucible with interstate 680. the showers are continuing to push their way south. >> on satellite and radar cloud cover associated with this system. we will continue to see a lingering showers throughout the rest of the day. 5:00 a.m. we
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could see light rain. it will taper off for most of the day. >> the main part of the cold front will push through expect cool air here in the bay area. it should be a dry one for your evening commute home. >> temperatures now mid fifties. 56 for oakland. 55 in hayward. gaining only a couple of degrees to the course of the day. fairfield a 57. 594 fremont. 58 for downtown san francisco. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows unsettled weather continues we pretty much have a chance for rain every day except wednesday. wednesday will be a sunny one. your inland lows. some of your protective dell is be in the upper twenties. >> we will continue to monitor your forecast now we are checking traffic. >> the bridges look good we are taking it live to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. no incidents to
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report traffic is light. the metering lights are off and we are seeing good speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. >> no worries at the san mateo bridge the drive is 12 minutes from and to end. south bound 1 01 will have to contend with wet roadway spiri. >> noise does to talk about cutting out of marin county. >> will have to take quick break. we will be right
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we are back. a quick check on gas prices in the bay area and across the state they continue to fall through the month of december. >> every metro area in northern california restaurant a decrease that the pope since last month. that is according to a spokesperson with triple a. >> here's a look at today's averages. >> in san francisco the average for regular gas of talent--gallon of gas is
4:18 am
$3.62. >> across the bay and oakland is $3.50 a gallon. >> and in san jose the cheapest and the bay area. the average is $3.49. the state average for today is $3.55. >> and here on the bay area news will be right back stay tune to kron 4.
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we are back. 4:19. a live look out of downtown stethoscope as in from our james lick freeway camera. >> the entire bay area waking up with some sort of death is from overnight showers. let us find out more about the forecast. >>--some sort of a damp neness. >> the showers are spotty in nature. we are seeing light rain in the east bay, the peninsula, and the south bay. as we see on storm tracker for picking up light rain around highway 4 when it beat interstate 80.
4:21 am
raining on san paolo in the east bay. some spotty showers with the nimitz freeway. the toll plaza of the san mateo bridge. as we take it to the coast line shower activity for portions of highway one approaching pescadero. some light rain over palo alto. you could encounter damp roadways. i do not think it was the flooding. light rain for interstate 680. for those of you commuting to samoa. >> let us see how long the showers will continue. we have lingering showers throughout the morning. they will start to taper off as we head through out the day. later this afternoon not much activity a lot of cloud cover. a lot of cool air will be filtered into the bay area. in iran we see will be in the south bay or the lower peninsula. most of us should be dry as we head into the evening commute. >> a your day planner we
4:22 am
have light rain this morning. of rain possible for this afternoon. >> later this evening dry conditions it will be a cool one with temperatures in the '40's. your afternoon highs will not gain many degrees, in fact antioch at 58. 564 richmond. 57 in napa. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows unsettled weather will continue here in the bay area. we do have the potential for some rain every day with the exception of wednesday. mostly sunny conditions. take a look at your inland lows were talking upper twenties below freezing for some of the protected inland valleys. rain returns to the bay area thursday, friday, and into the weekend. temperatures will be a bit warmer. >> will continue to monitor your forecast checking out traffic i am not seeing any hot spots. wet spots however, here at the approach of the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the spray from the cars. traffic
4:23 am
moving well from all the approaches no metering lights. >> at the san mateo bridge is raining on the eastern end approaching the toll plaza coming down the nimitz freeway. >> southdown 101 a wet deck coming out of marin county. >> all is well on our traffic maps for the east shore freeway in westbound 24. we are keeping a close eye on westbound 580 in the west bound erection. generally one of t--westbound d >> the time ms. 4:22. continuing our coverage of the connecticut school massacre we remember the heroic efforts of one teacher, vicki soto . she was shot and killed friday. >> her family is not surprised by what she did that day. >> she was truly selfless. she would not hesitate to
4:24 am
say if anyone before herself especially children. she loved them more than life and she would put herself in front of them in the day and for any reason. it does not surprise anyone that knows the key that she did this. >> police say the 27 year- old substitute teacher died while shielding her students from the gunfire on friday. >> police-death as a soda have persons huddled behind her in a closet. so stand-- fuel a scheduled for wednesday. >> we're learning more about the victims in the connecticut shooting massacre. >> as for getting new photos and videos of the victims' their families are sharing with us this morning. >> this is a picture of no ono wallpozner . >> his own and describes him
4:25 am
as a boy with a huge heart love to play with his cousins and civil is especially his twin sister. he will be remembered as a fun little rambunctious boy with a lot of spirit. >> this is grace mcdonnell. her grandmother says that the little girl love art, gymnastics, soccer and our small spaniel. >> she will be remembered as a wonderful little girl was always smiling. >> and this is and lee parker. >> her father described his oldest daughter is a girl could light up a room. >> he said emily was an exceptional artist as always carried around her art supplies and she never missed an opportunity to dry picture or to make a card for someone. >> and this is a home video of and the marquez green at the plo last summer with their brother i said. >> they are singing come out
4:26 am
all my king. >> her family wanted people to know their little girl was a child devoted to god. >> this is a sandy hook principal donna hochspring with her husband. >> she is described as a really nice and fun lady was also tough in the right sort of sense. >> officials say that hos chspring courageously sacrificed her life to try and stop the gunman from entering the school grounds. >> we will have more when we come back
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we're back. 4:27. >> san mateo police are telling residents to secure their vehicles after a series of recent auto burglaries reported in the downtown area. >> at least four auto burglaries took place since last weekend. seized smashed car windows to gain access about it was there were in sight. >> please nursing residents to make sure their vehicles are a lot of valuable are stored out of sight. >> police in oakland arrested travel-- tdrevel thomas for snatching a soulful from an unsuspecting bart writer on the 12th street oakland city center bart station last tuesday. >> bart police arrested thomas at the powell street bart station shortly after the incident. >> you're looking at video
4:29 am
the incident. >> you're looking at video taken from three security [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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good morning it is 4:30 on this monday morning. >> the gun control debate is back in the spotlight at the 20 students and six adult were killed friday at an elementary school in newtown, conn.. >> a growing number of lawmakers are calling for the renewal of the federal assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004 the end of its 10 year term. add to spencer has the story. >> as the victims' attended the candlelight vigils, church services, and morals. the govthe debate over gun control continues. >> president obama said something has to be done to stop gun violence. >> we cannot tolerate this these tragedies was in. >> two in them we must change.
4:32 am
>> police say when he carried out the massacre at the elementary school the shooter was armed with a semiautomatic rifle and two pistols. the weapons were legally purchased by his mother. california senator dianne feinsteins was to change that. >> she will introduce a bill in the senate and the house to a ban assault weapons. when she heard gunfire she pulled it out she did not have a lunch and rightly with nothing in her hand but she takes him out and takes his head out before he killed those kids. >> funerals for shooting victims noah pozner . and jack pinto will be held today. >>-andrew spencer reported.
4:33 am
>> some parents still kron 4 they are thinking about some home schooling their children, in light of the newtown, conn. school massacre. >> kron fours reggie kumar has the details. >> many have mixed feelings about the current security measures in place at all schools and some were debating whether to send their child to class on monday. >> deanna qatins --watkins has two children she was moved about the innocent lives in way too soon. >> it is sad. release said. >> i would rather know that my child will come home safe and that anyone could come in and that stirred the students or the children. >> there was no exit. there
4:34 am
was no way to exit out of the windows. there was no way to exit out of the doors. the children are not set. not in america today because of the mental issues we're dealing with. >> i do not think sending my child to school because i feel it is an isolated incident. >> as horrible as it is those type of atrocities will certainly stand up. >> in san francisco reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> in the wake of a deadly shooting in new town conn. thousands around the bay area attended church yesterday's north to pray for those suffering from the tragedy. >> many gathered at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco to reflect and focus on faith to help them deal with what has happened. >> i see a continual fight, it is a fight against good
4:35 am
and evil. it is a terrible situation. >> people find--many of those attended services now hope that they can find healing for themselves. >> a candle, read and read and have been set up to remember the 20 children in six of those will have died in the shooting. >> a party searched the church and nearby buildings and did not find anything suspicious. eight of the young victims in the shooting attended st. rosa lima church. >> the shooter along with his mother. >> erica has a look at your morning forecast. spotty at best. predominantly in the east bay, the lower peninsula, and the south bay as well. spotty showers around interstate 80
4:36 am
stretching from hercules to berkeley. currently raining for portions of san paolo as well. >> if is running at the best test shower activity just off the coast of san francisco. again the showers are pushing east into the south. it is not raining for the san mateo bridge anymore. the green on your screen shows the coastal and highway 1 from pescadero stretching over to interstate 280 and portions of highway 1010 around palo alto. drive with extra caution. this is more like a heavy mist you will need to use your when chilled wipers. i do not think we will run into any flooding are pounding. give yourself a little extra time. >> futurecast 4 shows we will continue with the possibility for scattered showers throughout the morning. it will start to taper off mostly cloudy conditions as we head into the afternoon. shower activity mainly to the east
4:37 am
bay into the south bay. most of us will be dry in time for your evening commute home. >> your current temperatures mid-50s everywhere. the cloud cover is keeping us more insulated this morning haywood 55. 56 in palo alto. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows unsettled weather continues each day. we will not see any rain on wednesday. mainly sunny conditions. because of the clear skies expected cool morning in the lows potentially dropping down to the upper twenties. >> warmer by thursday however, we will reintroduce rain to the forecast the potential for rain everyday lasting into the weekend. >>4:36 on the clock that is the weather. here's a traffic with george. >> we may start to see traffic to get lighter than usual so far this morning things are tracking normal.
4:38 am
it is light traffic around the bay area. we're not tracking any hot spots. a commute check shows light for the east bay even for highway 4, interstate 580, and the ride on 880 coming from hercules to berkeley a 12 minute drive time. >> south bay freeway peninsula north bay all look good. we will have more when the kron 4 morning news returns stay with us. >>
4:39 am
4:40 am
we are backed at 4:39. >> following the latest on capitol hill where house speaker john boehner has offered to raise taxes rate for americans earning more than $1 million a year. >> the move is a concession in negotiations with president barack obamas to avoid a fiscal cliff the fast approaching end of temporary tax cut. >> but the offer falls short of the president's demands for a rate increase on
4:41 am
households earning more than $250,000. >> while the news to lift a possible break through in the standoff to reduce the nation's huge debt problem, a spokesman man for the house speaker says a deal is not imminent. >> president obama won on a massachusetts senator john kerry has the next u.s. secretary of state. the former democratic presidential candidate has been considered a favorite for the post from both sides of the aisle. >> were on this election comes two days after three previous front runner, un ambassador susan rice withdrew her name from consideration. >> some gop leaders are angered over initial accounts rice made about the deadly attack on u.s. consulate and libya. >> confirmed by the senator, that 69 year-old replace arecoline place to step down soon, a formal announcement will come as early as next week. >> president obama offered condolences and were
4:42 am
discovered last night to the people in town during a moving moral service. >> he commemorated the school staff who did not flinch when danger or ride in the halls of sandy hook elementary school. >> show me your smile. (cheers and applause) president obama read aloud the names of those killed inside the school. president obama added he would use the power of the presidency to make changes to prevent more tragedies like this happened on friday. >> the time now is 4:41. we will be back on the kron for mfor morning news. the first a look at the weather. we have showers around the bay area. when we come back erica will have your forecast when we come back from the brick.break.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
welcome back the time is 4:4. 4 much of tthe bay area waking up to wet weather. we have lingering rain for the rest of the day. to get you more news faster return to sole reporter jackie sissel joins us live from s f zero. good morning jackie. >> good morning anny. i came from the north bay a lot of rain out there. a lot of wind actually in the north bay. you will wake up to wet weather. the good news is not super cold. probably in the '50s. you will need your windshield wipers of the drizzle looks like it is here to stay. >> i was coming in last night from san diego my flight from s f zero was cancelled. >> my mother's flight was delayed.
4:46 am
>> if you know if there were any reports of the late flights out of as at all. >> not yet. i will go on and check the board. ithis is the holiday season. it will be a big deal if the flights are delayed because of weather issues. >> stay dry. as we see that heavy drizzle coming out at s f o. here is james. good morning. >> let us turn our attention to erica. it is the kind of scattered and light at the hour is that what we would expect for most of the morning? >> yes james. kind of a heavy mist. you will need to use your when joy wipers. we're not talking onding or flooding. drive with extra caution. leave home a bit earlier. storm tracker for not showing much just light
4:47 am
ride from the east shore freeway where 80/meets 580. >> seeing rain around san paulo. spotty showers in san mateo for portions of highway 101. mainly along the coastline highway 1 several ways they're pushing its way to lure peninsula. we are seeing yellow on the screen indicating moderate rain for interstate 680 commuting authors of all. >> here's a look at the satellite radar picture you can see the showers push their way east and slide their way south. a lot of cloud cover associated with this system. when the main front pushes through we will see cool air infiltration of the bay area. spotty showers lingering showers will continue throughout the morning. they will start to taper off everyone should be mostly dry just in time for your even commute home. >> card temperatures mid
4:48 am
'50s. 574 fairfield. 56 for oakland. 56 for san rafeal and oakland. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows spotty showers unsettled weather every day. when state is the only completely dry day around the bay area. we will see mainly sunny skies. inland lows we are talking upper twenties. for some of the protected inland valleys. we will continue with unsettled and unstable weather as we transition into the weekend. >>4:47. that is the weather announcers traffic. the morning george. >> the chp not busy with any major incidents pittis. >> there is a problem at stone crest the police department as a detour in place because of downed
4:49 am
power lines. >> your bay bridge ride westbound lie traffic no delays on the span on the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge ride highway 92 and the mid bay transit wet but like conditions. and 11 minute drive time. >> your commute across the golden gate bridge shows an easy ride from marin county. they are setting up the span for the morning commute. we may see some vehicles, some service vehicle stayed in the pylon. >> switching to the traffic map updating drive times. interstate 80 hercules to berkeley of minutes. coming from highway 42 university ave. >> 24 is without delay and so is 680 south bound. your interstate 580 west bound commuter is the first start slow along with highway 4 is moving well with no delays into dublin. south bay freeways look good. we are problem free. the north bay
4:50 am
riper marin county is 22 minutes from highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you george. the connecticut shooting hit close to home for a victim of the colorado movie theater masker. >> steven barton was about 10 minutes from town and the reason school tragedy has brought back painful memories. >> i struggle sometimes publicly. if i am at the movies and now at a school. i do not know. it is a slow process of healing. that is what you have to go through it is continuous. for me personally i think it will last a long time. >> he stopped in aurora last july while on a bicycle tour and was shot in the face and neck when accused shooter james home open fire. 12 died in that shooting. he is part of a campaign to urge
4:51 am
lawmakers to stop gun violence. >> we are learning more about the shooter adamlanza . the people who knew him and his family are stepping forward and talking about the boy called quiet and withdrawn. ryan taught at the very latest. >> indeed for details about the shooter, and his family account emerged that are confusing sometimes conflicting. >> a neighbor who knew him in recent years describes lanza as trouble. listen to this account from a young man knew him. >> he was just a kid. never antisocial. joel michael? >> no >> noticeable? did he is into the background? >> yes. i think nothing that would warn us of any of this. >> he claims he babysat the shooter 10 years ago when he
4:52 am
was 15. he describes him as quiet, introverted, he never saw evidence of violence. he would throw the occasional temper tantrum. >> i would have to put him to bed. and he would cry if he had to stop watching tv. >> he was only a year older than lanzas older brother arrived. >> the mother told him to lead ryan do whatever he wanted but as for adam. >> she told me to always be with him in the room. do not ever leave him without supervision. >> he says adam had a contentious relationship with his mother. she split from the boy's father peter who is described by job working networks like as a vice president at ge networking services. >> the mother always set up
4:53 am
play dates for suns and taking part in neighborhood activities. >> neighbors say nancy loved gardening and had taken time off from a job in finance. >> she was always pristine. she was just like any other house why. >> like her son there are gaps in her story that needs to be filled in. she on the weapons that her son used in the killings including a semi automatic rifle according to law-enforcement sources. it is not clear why she purchased them. >> brian lanza. >> we are waking up to areas of light rain and drizzle and and scattered showers. we will deal with that for the morning commute especially in the south bay. also a reminder to catch dr. phil at 10:00 a.m. after the kron 4 morning news. we will
4:54 am
be right back.
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we are back is 4:54. we do have light towers out and we expected to continue for most of the day. with a big rig on wednesday. >> the duchess of cambridge makes her first public appearance since leaving the hospital, and a box office record is broken. >> 0 is a bit corrisan has today's hollywood minute. >> kelly clarkson sang a duet would rebut mcintyre and is getting hitched to the country icons stepson. they began dating last year. clarkson says she is lucky to be with the greatest man ever. >> catherine the duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance and their pregnancy was announced. and since being hospitalized for
4:57 am
morning sickness. shippers and at the top price for the bbc sports personality of the year. so far no sign of the road a bomb. >> the golden globes may have some of the hobbitt. of course not. banking $84.8 million and breaking a record for the largest december release of all time. >> lincoln broke into the top three with 7.2 million. >> for hollywood minute i'm elizabeth cordidan. >> still to come on the kron 4 morning news with the tragedy in connecticut we will bring it up to speed with the investigation of the east coast. >> + lawmakers from all over the country are coming together to create new laws for gun control, how one california senator is making gun control her priority once again.
4:58 am
>> we are watching your forecast as we get a start to the work week a wet one outside of your door. we will keep you updated on your morning commute as well. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news continues
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now.
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>> good morning. on this monday morning in the bay area we have rain and our big story nationwide is the burials began today in a small town of new town conn. 20 children and six adults were killed by a gun man who then killed himself. >> the was a visual last night were the president was present renee marsh is live with the details. >> last night the president visited new town conn and served as commander in chief as a interfaith vigil. >> the nation continues to mourn the lives lost in the connecticut school shooting. today the first funerals will be held for to sandy hook students. six year-old jack pinto six year-old know what pozner. >> on sunday more than 2000 people came out for a memorial service to remember the 26 lives cut short
5:02 am
after authorities say 20 year-old off an atomlanzs shot his way into sandy hook elementary--adam lanza. >> president obama traveled to new town where he met up with the families of the victims'. >> whatever portion of sadness we can share with you to ease the heavy load we will gladly bear it. >> the president praised the community for pulling together and said more needs to be done to protect our children. >> these tragedies must end. to end them we must change. >> for some law makers of the shooting here in town connecticut is the tipping point we now know that democratic senator dianne feinstien says next month she plans on introducing a bill that would ban assault
5:03 am
weapons. >> we are live this morning in new town conn i'm renee marsh. back to you. >> thank you renee. >> more on the victims were killed a first of the funerals to of the 20 children were killed noah pozner and jack pinto laid to rest today. noah pomner just turned 60 this mor the victims'. >> he has a twin sister who still has not been told exactly how her brother died. >> jack pinto was also six years ago a huge fan of the new york giants. and receiver victor cruz. crewuz played yesterday football game with the boy's name written on a squeeze and gloves. and he has been in
5:04 am
contact with the family. >> all the children killed were six or seven years old. >> here in the bay area, the san francisco yen unified school district is insuring paris staff will be on hand for students in light of ride is just shooting. >> many other bay area school districts are doing the same. >> kron fours for the lastest news and traffic comcast 193 digital channel 4.will tran. >> all of the bay area security is needed to be available. >> the school district spent the week in rearing their security plan. a lot of the school districts across the bay area since the week in looking at their school plans and procedures to see if they will be ready to go should god forbid this happen in the bay area. in
5:05 am
oakland a also said on a typical day they have more security than your average school district. all of them are working with the local police department to be ready to go and to determine how quickly they could respond to such and emerge as the. >> we will get reactions from administrators and go from there. >> i am trying to see if i can talk to one of the san francisco spleast parma's spokespersons. >> thank you will for the update. >> gun control is again in the spotlight in the aftermath of the massacre. >> dianne feinstein said in the first session of congress is next session shall be introducing new legislation to get what she called weapons of four of the streets. >> in other words the rise of the few overcome the safety of the majority. i do
5:06 am
not think so! irritation and the possession not retroactively but prospectively and it will ban the same for bic clips drums or strips. >> she was a champion of the assault weapons bill that was signed into law by bill clinton. the measure expired. lawmakers have tried several times to renew them without success. >> let us turn our attention to weather and traffic. it is a wet start erica brings us up to speed. what is going on erica? >> good morning james. some spotty showers for the east bay, the south bay and the lower peninsula. >> a lot of cloud cover temperatures not bad. some lingering showers. the east shore freeway interstate 8 south of highway 4 stretching down to the 580
5:07 am
split picking up light rain. it you if your windshield wipers. for the most part we're drive to the upper limit peninsula. the lower peninsula is where we are seeing light rain. palo alto, mountain view, and in the south bay. we are seeing green on our screens light rain. no pondering or flooding is an issue today. drive with extra caution for those of you using it interstate 680 committed actors of all. >> spotty showers i will walk you through futurecast 4 and show you what to expect for the rest of the week coming up in my next report. >> at 5 06 a.m. it is on to traffic george. >> if we continue to monitor a light commute no hot spots. a quick to reject as we focus on the bay bridge in the westbound direction. berrylike traffic this morning. no delays and--very light traffic.
5:08 am
>> light traffic for high way for westbound. for the south bay problem free peninsula and no delays in the north bay. 121 at hayden road the silverado trail expect to have that we open this morning in just a couple of hours. >> thank you george. five 07 a.m.. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes to get going on this monday morning. a look at the golden gate bridge is pretty messy but not many cars. maybe think about leading a few minutes early in the rain and drive carefully.
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. watching wall street with the dow closing down 36 on friday. >> dow future is up 22 ahead of the opening bell. >> apple continues to weigh on the nasdaq which was down 21 on friday. apple fell almost 20 bucks on
5:12 am
friday. apple down to $509.79 per share. that is almost a $200 drop from the stock since it peaked over $700 a share in september. apple's share down another 2 percent in pre-market. make--take the stock under the 500 mark. >> housing in the focus of this week's economic reports. tomorrow the national association of home builders release its monthly index of builder sentiment. that followed wednesday by november housing starts from the commerce department. the national association of realtors releasing existing home sales for november on thursday. >> will be back with more in a couple of minutes. lead is a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is very light and it looks good. we will be right back.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
we are back. but as it you updated here at 5:15 a.m.. is wet out there as you wake up and look outside your door. how long will last? >> we have some wet weather i'm not talking heavy downpours. not an impressive system. a lot of cool air associated with the end of the cold front. storm tracker for picking up lingering showers. you can see for the east shore freeway where it meets 580. we did not see any rain a bit of a mist for those of you commuting along the peninsula. the rain however, is currently in alto, interstate 280. the same for the bayshore freeway. >> a lot of moisture is pushing its way east into our south. a lot of cloud
5:17 am
cover associated with the system that is why is a bit warmer. the clouds are keeping us insulated most of us are sitting in the mid fifties. futurecast 4 shows the potential for a lingering showers throughout the day. they really start to taper off. most of us will be dry as we push in closer to the evening commute. >> we will not see too much change in the numbers. 574 fairfield and livermore. 60 for oakland. light rain right now dreier conditions by later tonight. >> tomorrow we do have a slight possibility for more rain. the showers at best. it could be hovering on around the ffreezing mark. >> yeah the chance for rain every day. the chance continues into sunday and saturday. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows wednesday should be a dry
5:18 am
day. mostly sunny skies and to the afternoon. take a look at the inland lows. we are talking upper twenties for some the protected in in valleys. rain returned by thursday and will continue steady rain lasting until the weekend. >> by 5:00 pm that is your weather on to traffic. good morning george. >> the rain has not damped the drive. because we are moving closer to the christmas holiday is possible because start to see some lighter traffic. it is not a prediction but a possibility. so far, a light and easy ride to the bay bridge. currently not tracking any hot spots. from interstate 800 to 92. >> the san mateo bridge light traffic and ease the 11 minute drive time vote threatens our problem free. >> the golden gate bridge commute looks good. crews are on the stand in the reconfiguration setting up
5:19 am
for forelegs thousand two- north. >> updating drive time signal slowing. interstate 880 westbound 12 to 13 minutes hercules to berkeley. >> no delays the caldecott tunnel out 24 coming out of walnut creek. >> highway 4 and interstate 580 to not have the usual slowing in the westbound direction between 205 livermore at the dublin to change. >> south bay freeways looks great. >> for your north bay ride 101 south brown is problem free-best south bound leaving a story out of san antonio tx. sheriff's officials say a man opened fire in a san antonio movie theater parking lot, wounding one person before an officer shot him inside the theater. >> the incident happened last night. >> share spokesman said the man fired shots inside a
5:20 am
nearby restaurant. >> then headed for the theater in shot a male in the parking lot. >> the gunmen then entered the theater and fighters shot but struck no one. >> and off-duty sheriff's deputy working security then shot the gunman. >> continuing our coverage of the connecticut school massacre. >> we are remembering the heroic efforts of one of the teachers vicki soto who was shot and killed on friday. >> your family is not surprise what she did that day. >> she was truly selfless. she would not hesitate to save anyone else before herself especially children. she loved them more than a life. she would definitely put herself in from them any day for any reason. it does not surprise anyone that knows vicky that she did this. >> that is what she did show that the students with her body. police said the 27
5:21 am
year-old substitute teacher, died while children are students from the shooter. >> they say soto had her students huddled behind her in a closet but was unable to protective of the gunfire. >> we're also learning more about the victims and the connecticut shooting massacre. >> as we're getting new photos and videos of the victims'. their families are sharing with us this morning. >> this particular video is of grace mcdonnell. >> her brother is this a little girl loved art, gymnastics, soccer and her small spaniel. >> she will be remembered as a wonderful little girl was always smiling. >> the next photo is of six year-old kimberly parker. >> her father described her as an exceptional art is and always carried around her art supplies. >> so she never missed an opportunity to draw a picture or make a card for
5:22 am
someone. >> ♪ and this is home video of data marquez green at the piano last summer with her brother isaiah. >> they are singing come out all the mighty king. >> family wanted people to know their little girl was a child devoted to god. >> this is sandy hook's principal bond hoschsp rung . with her husband. she is described as a really nice and fun lady was also tough in the right sort of sense. >> officials say that hochs prung for courageously sacrificed like to try and stop the government from entering the school grounds. >> and this time of tragedy bay area families are taking the time to appreciate moments spent with their
5:23 am
loved ones. >> parents say tragedies like these remind them about how grateful they are for the precious called a moment with their kids. >> the mall in oregon and what happened in connecticut it really brings you back to what is important in life. family is really important in life. our hearts go out to them. we chose to spend some time at the iced drink and be with one another during this holiday. >> many parents say things like this remind them of what is most important life, that his family. >> will take a break. 522 a m is a time. here's a look on the james lick freeway. traffic moving fairly well. whether wise we have showers. currently 55 degrees and 7 cisco. it should warm up a few degrees to 58 later this afternoon--san francisco
5:24 am
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>> marian news. >> chevron officials say a replacement 5 been installed at the richmond refinery or resist the top of corrosion that led to the blaze the back in august. >> investigators with the u.s. chemical safety board pressed chevron officials to justify their selection of pipe made with metal alloy to replace the carbon steel pipe stored in the august 6th fire. >> the federal agency warns that the alloy pipes are prone to corrosion. however, chevron's is that it is new pipe needs of industry and fire safety standards and would resist attack of corrosion that caused the august fire. >> police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found at point poll regional shoreline over the weekend. >> authorities said the body was found in the water near the northwest corner of the park just before 1130 sunday morning. >> the man's identity has not been released. anyone an
5:28 am
affirmation is encouraged to contact police. >> police and oakland arrested thomas for snatching a cell phone from an unsuspecting bart riders at the 12th street oakland center centecity center bart stn last tuesday. >> bart police arrested thomas at the powell street bart station truly after the incident. >> you're looking at video taken from three security cameras that scott thompson the act. >> according to barkley's thomas confessing the crime was charged with robbery. >> will take a break from the kron 4 morning
5:29 am
5:30 am
welcome back is 5:29 a.m. to cain live look at the skies over san francisco. there are clouds out there and rain around the bay area. for the most part it is fairly light but is lingering spirit is more
5:31 am
than an annoyance. jackie sissel over at s f o to take a look at the impact on traffic there. hi jacki. >> good morning darya . >> you mean the rain is an annoyance. not me. >> i have seen heavy duradrizzle about 10 minutes ago. it is a steady rain i would not call in hard it was a steady rain coming in and some heavy when. it seemed as if it has died down and peninsula. obviously this is the start of the travel season in weather here can be a hindrance. things look good here i did go check the board of the flights seem to be on time ticket as long as the heavy rain stays away acting travel should be ok for most people this morning. >> that is something to be
5:32 am
aware of the holiday travel if you're picking someone up there it erica. >> good morning darya we are seeing spotty showers nothing to be concerned with. we are seeing light rain in the north bay. 101 around pelham was stretching down to san raphael. >> you can see light rain around richmond. interstate 80 the east shore freeway where it meets the 580 split. drive with extra caution. i do not think we will see taunting or roadway flooding. some damp roadways and no right to talk about for the peninsula. most of the rain has pushed its way to the south bay. we're seeing some light rain south of sunnyvale and cupertino. currently raining and the los gatos area we are picking up some light showers for interstate 680 for those of you leaving seoul now. >> your temperatures because of the cloud cover we are in the mid-50s. not to bad of a start. 56 in san francisco. 55 and oakland. the changes
5:33 am
to talk about some pretty cold mornings to look for to. i will show you the details in my next report. >> the commute since be unfolding fairly normally. we are seeing an increase in volume. no major incidents are hot spots. take a look at the bay bridge and the west bound ride still fairly light traffic. your quick commute check shows we are seeing a buildable volume on highway 43 antioch at interstate 580 heading west of tracy. also out towards the altamonte pass. no major incidents are backups. south bay, peninsula, north bay freeway is all looked pretty good and are problem free james pritchett >> thank you george. president obama offer his condolences and words of comfort sunday night the people of encountering a mornewtown during a memorial service. >> he commemorate the
5:34 am
school's staff did not flinch when danger or ride in the halls of the sandy hook a limit to school. >> we know that the teachers who barricaded themselves inside of class and can steady through it all. they reassure their students by saying wait for the good guys. they are coming. show me your smile. >> (cheers and applause) president obama read aloud the names of those killed inside the school. he added he would use the presthe power of the presidency to make changes to prevent more tragedies like what happened on friday. >> the topic of gun control not even mentioned during the presidential race. and today the issue is front and center. this is the type of weapon used in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. a bush master ar 15. this weapon was banned during the federal assault weapons ban. which was
5:35 am
enacted in 1994 and expired 10 years later in 2004. congress was unable to come up with enough votes to renew it. >> off the weapon is banned in california and connecticut. ashley had its own version of the federal assault weapon ban in place but the maker of this weapon bushmaster made modifications to it so it was in fact sold legally to the shooter mother. now california senator dianne feinstein is calling for congress to pass an even stricter assault weapon ban. >> two days after the connecticut shooting police is what gear were back. >> on the street in new town fall a bomb threat at st. rose of lima church. >> authorities searched the church in nearby buildings and did not find anything suspicious. >> eight of the young victim and the shooting attended st. rose of lima church as well. the shooter as some
5:36 am
lanza and his mother attended as well. >> connecticut authorities say people are opposing it accurate information on social be a site in the wake of the school shooting tragedy. >> they say there are people or posing as the shooter, mimicking the crime scene and criminal activities. >> federal authorities are taking these issues seriously and will treat them as crimes. >> authorities say those were caught posted fake and threatening post will be persecuted that debt prosecute--prosecuted. >> president obama will nominate massachusetts senator john kerry is the u.s. secretary of state best
5:37 am
bet senator matter is looking for one trillion dollars in spending cuts. we will see what comes out of those talks. >> president obama will nominate massachusetts senator john kerry at the next u.s. secretary of state. >> the former democratic presidential candidate has been considered a favorite for the post from both sides of the aisle. >> or the selection come to days after previous front runner, a un ambassador susan rice withdrew her name from consideration. >> some gop leaders were angered over the initial account twice made about the deadly attack on u.s. consulate in libya. >> confirmed by the senate, the 69 year-old would replace silver clinton plan step down soon. >> a formal announcement could come as early as next week. >> we will have wet lines in just a minute we will take a break. we will show you the
5:38 am
golden gate bridge is wet. the rain coming down it is light is scattered. we will be back with
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> this just in the kron4 were getting word of home invasion robbery in san francisco around three this morning. in the 1600 block of sloped boulevard floor. three men in the home of the tide of the family and took their belongings. the three suspects are being described as african american adults wearing masks. >> san mateo police are telling people to secure their vehicles after a series of recent audit of burglaries thieves smashed the windows to get the valuables. police are asking
5:42 am
you to make sure that your cars are locked in any valuables you have are out of sight. >> on january 1st california drivers will be allowed to send text messages to they can do it handsfree. at least one group posted the state legislature changes their mind about that. the national safety council is calling on california lawmakers to repeal the amendment that allows for handsfree taxing option. >> here's a look from our bay bridge camera and oakland, it is 56 degrees right now. we will warm up to about 60 this afternoon. we will also see how long the showers will hang around when we come back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> top stories we're following this morning again the school out in connecticut or and they are grieving this morning the loss of some 26 people shot
5:46 am
on friday. school teachers across the country face nervous and frightened students, looking for reassurance and answers following friday's shooting that lefg. school districts arod the bay area are responding to the shooting by providing grief counselors. many schools around the country will hold a moment of silence today and fly flags at half staff. their signs of progress in the fiscal cliff tops house speaker john at bay near is offering one trillion dollars in higher tax revenue over 10 year period. white house and congress congressional aides worked this week and on ways to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> storm tracker 4 showing residual showers, not really too much. light rain in the north bay, north of the golden gate bridge ride around san rafael highway 1 01 south of palo. the east
5:47 am
shore freeway interstate 82 san paolo approaching richman is picking up some light rain. it is a heavy makes so you will need to use your one should wipers. light rain at 1 0192, the western end of the san mateo bridge. the wet weather has pushed its way south into the east picking out spotty showers interstate 80 from pleasanton downs towards an old. give yourself extra time on the roadways. into the 8:00 hour we will still be dealing with spotty showers but they will start to taper off throughout the course of the day. mostly cloudy conditions, we will see breaks of sunshine. everyone should be dry as to pushing closer to your evening commute. after an highs right around 58 degrees. -- afternoon highs
5:48 am
no snow at lake level and change control is currently in a fact. has this driving condition wind is between 20 and 30 mi. an hour. there are also of course slick conditions on the freeway. 7 day around the bay shows wet weather will continue. we will see unsettled weather pretty much each and every day. wednesday mainly sunny skies and to the afternoon. and then lows could drop into the upper 20s. by thursday when the returns and. >> we will start looking at this commute with the traffic maps and east 80 and the east shore freeway. there was for a brief time a stall around gilman westbound on interstate 80.
5:49 am
it has backed up the ride a little and the drive time is up to 17 minutes. it has already been cleared so it should not be a big problem for the east shore freeway. we will be keeping a closer than usual eye on it. other than that the bay ride looks good. highway four as well as interstate 580 and the westbound direction is a little slow. there is also slowing at the dublin interchange. drive times in the south they are still pretty good. light traffic in quick drive time still. the north bay drive is still under 23 minutes heading down from about zero. they bridge westbound, the fog is building up a bit. we are still hopeful that we may be seeing the beginning of a somewhat wider pattern. the san mateo bridge is problem free of 11 minutes eastbound
5:50 am
and westbound. the golden gate bridge has a wet deck but slow traffic in both directions. >> peter jackson's about how that led weekend box office with an opening of more than $84 million. water brothers estimates that three key as epic had the biggest december opening ever surpassing wilson as i and legend. how but also had better start than the previous loitering stems. coming in at no. 2 at the box office is rise of the guardians at 7.4 million. rounding out the top three was lincoln at 7.2 million. >> in new england were the niners were taking on the new england patriots a fan fell out of the stands. he was taken to the hospital and was alert and awake when he left the stadium. he fell from the stand into the tunnel where the visiting team leads the field. a
5:51 am
similar thing happened at the thursday night raiders game at the coliseum a week and a half ago. that fan is in serious condition. on the field last night forty-niners punched their ticket to the playoffs and in doing so to control their own destiny for the rest of the season. the forty-niner struck early and often up 24 to three collin kaepernick finds michael crabtree for a touchdown and 28 point lead. up 31 to three but that's when tom brady and the patriots woke up. new england ran off four straight down touchdown drives capped off with a 1 yd touchdown scramble by danny wood had that tied things up at 31. of the 49 is recovered. to turn it finds crabtree and this time the receiver breaks a tackle and sprint's 31 yds for the go-ahead score. the 49ers' withstand freezing rain and a stunning comeback by new england to be patriots 4134
5:52 am
the patriots have lost the dec. home game in 10 years. sebastian janikowski kicked five field goals and there in mcfadden rest for over 110 yds and the oakland raiders a shut out kansas city for the second time ever been achieved 15 to 0 on sunday. >> a new study suggests that setting the clock had for daylight savings time could lead to heart attacks the very next day. researchers say sleep deprivation could be to blame. they found that the number of heart attack patients nearly doubled on the sunday of daylight savings time compared to a typical sunday. a similar sweetest study found that the chance of a heart attack increase in the first three days after the switch
5:53 am
to daylight savings time, and decreased the monday after the clocks return to standard time in the fall. you may soon find your diet pepsi's taste sweeter than normal. pepsi says it's quietly changing the sweeteners and aids drink. the goal is to help the soda maintain its potency longer. cans of diet pepsi around the country now list of mix of to artificial sweeteners, appearing as commonly found in your diet sodas. previously diet pepsi use only ascertain. >> we will take a quick break in just a reminder that the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is on kron4. in the years live show hosted by gary radnich and catherine heenan. it will began a 1130 on new year's eve night.
5:54 am
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>> for one fried private collector is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. he just bought a piano the 1942 classic casablanca. the piano was auctioned off for more than $600,000 last week. the prices a little lower than they thought it was a steal. >> right? >> to an oral spacecraft known as end and the flow will crash into the crater
5:58 am
on the lunar surface. the mission launched in september of 2011 and have been slow your ride three months later. they have done their mission so now they will hurl themselves into the moon. >> we're following the latest developments in the league next half hour. lighting conn with the latest information on the shooting. plus the busiest day of the year for the post office. we will break down the numbers for you. watching wet weather in the bay area as well as short morning commute. the kron4 morning news returns in just two minutes.
5:59 am

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